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About CloudComputingEasy

Cloudcomputingeasy is a mission to train freshers on Cloud Computing at minimum affordable cost. We collect videos and articles from different sources to train freshers on AWS. These artifacts are extremely important for working on real time projects. Links to Project websites are also provided. We have started with AWS, will venture into AZURE and GCP in near future.

  • This website is built with the sole objective of providing training on Cloud computing to freshers who are new in this field. Even experienced IT candidates who have tons of experience on Legacy systems but new to cloud computing can be immensely benefited from this website.

  • The website provides systematic trainings on AWS and DEVOPS by providing important Links, videos and tutorials and white papers that are relevant to developing real time projects in companies.

  • We upgrade the website everyday with most recent artifacts to keep it up to date. Sometimes, we will be publishing our own videos for specific training on certain topics.

  • We have started our journey with AWS, and we have plans to venture into Azure and GCP in near future. We intend to build services and host them on the website if the training mission is successful.

  • We will host videos on interview questions and FAQ(s) usually asked in top-notch IT companies. We refresh the interview questionnaire every day to provide explanations in the form of videos and Links to correct answers.

  • Register and subscribe to avail of all the benefits permanently for a lifetime charge of $125, payable only once.

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